Closing Evidence Gaps By Integrating Research and Care Delivery


On September 5th, 2023, ACT@POC members issued an open letter with recommended actions for health systems to support integrated clinical research at the point of care. Read the letter here .

Why form a coalition?

Traditional clinical trials are complex and expensive

We want to engage with broader and more diverse groups of patients and providers

Most patients and their providers do not participate in clinical trials. Currently, the complexity and cost of traditional clinical trials pose obstacles to patient and provider participation, identification of effective treatments for diseases, and the acceleration of new clinical insights and knowledge.

The Coalition for Advancing Clinical Trials at the Point of Care (ACT@POC™) will generate quality clinical research evidence in real time to better evaluate treatments and therapeutics, including those to treat COVID-19. The Coalition will engage a broader, more diverse group of patients and providers and develop digital health tools that make clinical trials simpler to run and more accessible to patients.

This multi-stakeholder coalition aims to drive implementation of large-scale clinical trials at the community level—in the doctor’s offices and care facilities where most of the U.S. population receives care.

What's our plan?

The Coalition aims to complement current academic trial networks by addressing timely “real-world” research questions in diverse populations and health care settings.

The coalition’s agenda and action steps aim to substantially augment the evidence generation capacity of the current clinical trial enterprise by working with patient groups, community hospitals and health centers, medical practices, research organizations, and biotechnology companies.